Bordbar Edition Trolley Airports blue

Bordbar Edition Airports Blue

One of bordbars bestseller is the airports-design. Available in black and white as well - or create your own airports-design with your personal destinations...

BordBar Airports
1.329,00 €
bordbar Cube Innovation Design Award Winner NEU

Bordbar Cube New at Bordbar

Get to know our Interior innovation award Winner 2014.

Create your own piece of furniture combining different cubes. 

Cube Cube White
229,00 €
Bordbar Edition Red Dot Design Award Trolleys

bordbar edition original airlinetrolleys from heaven to earth.

It's your choise - brand new or second hand?

Bordbar Trolley Special Edition Nespressokapseln Fach

bordbar edition First Class

First Class: Hot drinks served directly at one's seat - your guests won't want to leave.

Bordbar Edition Trolley Airports white

bordbar edition Best location.

Your mobile wine cellar can really hold its liquor - 21 special holders for your noble wines and it still won't swerve.

Bordbar Exclusive Lufthansa Edition

Exclusiv by Bordbar The original Lufthansa Edition

Get a unique trolley bying the original Lufthansa Edition. Just decide on choosing the Rivet Rocker or the Bordbar Edition. 

BordBar Exklusive Pan Am Edition Trolley

Exklusive by Bordbar Pan Am Edition

Be part of the Jetset.

Bordbar Outline new

NEW | pur design bordbar outline

Getting the most using the less!
Firewood-rack. Valet stand. Enlightening the room.
Outline your interior- however you want.

bordbar soccer edition

Kick it like bordbar!

The bordbar soccer edition is our high-flyer of the European Championship 2016. Save 100 EUR until 10th of July 2016!

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Bordbar Edition Pan Am Edition Lufthansa Edition Bordbar Box Cube Flugzeugtrolley


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