A Piece of Aviation History for Your Pocket


Unique Upcycling-Hangtags from Real Aircraft Skin


Aviationtag is a subsidiary brand of bordbar, offering unique upcycled products made from original aircraft parts, bringing aviation history into your hands.

Each Aviationtag has thousands of takeoffs and landings as a fuselage segment of an aircraft before it takes its final form as a travel accessory. The material for the Aviationtags is cut from retired aircraft on the world's airplane graveyards and shipped to our production site in Cologne. There, the old airplane parts are dismantled, cut, punched, polished, and laser-engraved by hand. In this upcycling process, airplane aluminum is transformed into aviation history, which now lives on as luggage tags or keychains.

aviationtag airbus
Aviationtag Beginn

How It All Began

Since 2006, we have been using original aircraft parts from former commercial airplanes to create sophisticated and unique design and collector's items. In 2015, the idea was born to make the world a little better by upcycling airplane scrap into our special Aviationtags.

aviationtag airbus

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the history of aviation and create sustainable products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Each Aviationtag is a piece of history and a symbol of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

aviationtag airbus

Sustainability and Upcycling

In times of growing environmental awareness, the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. With our support, airlines can achieve upcycling and recycling rates of over 90% for decommissioned aircraft. This is not only an impressive contribution to reducing the ecological footprint, but also underscores the airlines' commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Aviationtag Geschichte

Experience History Firsthand

Each Aviationtag is made from 100% original and authentic aircraft skin. The origin of the material is traceable back to the aircraft's initial delivery. Discover our collection and carry a piece of aviation history with you wherever you go.

Our Partnerships


Aviationtag is an experienced partner in the field of upcycling and has already collaborated with numerous renowned airlines such as Lufthansa, American Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and many more. Our references speak for themselves and demonstrate the quality of our work. Airlines are not just looking for an upcycling partner, but for a reliable expert who guides them from sourcing the material to distribution.

aviationtag partnerschaften

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