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does the perfect minibar exist? Inspire yourself...


Coffee or tea? bordbar_coffee

Traditionally, coffee plays a vital role in everyday life. It gives you energy, helps you relax and is a welcome break from your daily routines (...)

bordbar _minibar

Your new favorite cocktailbar bordbar _minibar

Connoisseurs of spirits and liquors who like to serve their guests a sophisticated drink will sooner or later feel like (...)


offical licenced produkt Welcome to Pan Am

PAN AM – the once most famous aviation company in the world was also a trailblazer for jet propulsion in 1958 (...)

bordbar _servieren

Serve like a pro bordbar_serving

Open layouts turn your dining room into the  communications hot-spot of your home. That is why it is so important to furnish your kitchen and dining room with (...)

Everthing´s alright

Everthing´s alright bordbar _storage

No matter how big your home is, you can never have enough storage space. bordbar gives you more than just perfect order (...)

bordbar _wellness

Timeout! bordbar _wellness

Your bathroom is a private place, a sanctuary, a place to relax. Make it cosier and fully enjoy it instead of having to head out to a spa (...)

bordbar _homeoffice

Design & space bordbar _homeoffice

Probably the greatest challenge for anyone working from home is to create an inspiring workspace in which one can work undisturbed and be productive (...)

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