bordbar_outline Individuality with contours

The new minimalism_

Individuality with contours

The essence of an airplane trolley is made visible in the bordbar_outline: the outer contours and proportions are true to scale and aid recognition. Individualisation starts “inside”: 5 different options for stacking, hanging and lighting open many possibilities. Let bordbar_outline accentuate the contours in your space.

bordbar outline

Clear lines make for_
a great room sculpture

bordbar_outline is the first product to come out of bordbar’s own design workshop. Radically reduced to its core, well-tried aviation traditions transform into a puristic design object. The creative tension between geometry, purity and minimisation makes room for new ideas. The newly defined shapes of the bordbar_ outline convince with their clear lines. Its reduced form translates into a minimalist sculpture. That’s how innovation develops. That’s how design grows.


Room for visions
The very first objects demanded a lot of time and energy. Endless hours of painstaking development work are behind borbar_outline. The sophisticated manufacturing process resulted in a new aesthetic dimension of steel. The hand-bent and powder-coated steel make tbordbar_outline expressive and gorgeous. 

technical data


height: 1032 mm
width:: 290 mm
depth: 390 mm