rivet rocker_edition Striking changeability

Striking changeability

The rivet rocker_new edition was inspired by unforgettable flying legends such as the DC-3. Its essence is the combination of polished stainless steel sheeting, an anodised silver frame and more than 500 rivets. The rivet rocker_edition captures the spirit of flying with its gleaming appearance, its seductive essence and expressive character. 

rivet rocker new

Shining second flight

The rivet rocker_used edition trolleys not only evoke associations with aviation history - they have truly lived it. Adrenaline-fuelled take-offs, heart-rate increasing turbulence and smooth landings - the trolleys wear their bumps and scratches like hard earned badges of honour.

rivet rocker used
rivet storage
rivet storage

Passionate craftmanship_
down to the finest

Working fervently on each element is not a sign of being crazy, it’s just a sign of a passionate aeronaut: every single rivet used in the rivet rocker_edition is set by hand. The 500 rivets accentuate artisanal details, give the surface structure and the edition its own specific flair. The innovative concept stands for quality of life by design and rightfully received the coveted Good Design award. 

rivet rocker used

The exterior is changeable but its charme stays the same: the rivet rocker_edition is more than memorable. It is a contemporary expression of individual style while lending its surroundings the aura of a glorious past in aviation. Available in a Pan Am or Lufthansa look, it pays homage to the pioneers of civil aviation. The bordbar design embodies the charm of their revolutionary pioneer spirits. It is a linkage between history and a contemporary emotion while being durable and expressive. 

technical data


height: 1030 mm
width: 301 mm
depth: 404 mm
weight: 15 kg
angle on the left side
door inner face in aluminium
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