borbar_box Meet the little brother


The bordbar_box is exactly the same as it was in the airplane galleys. True to the original style they are fitted with trolley double castors, which make them light, flexible and manoeuvrable. Thanks to the many possible applications the bordbar_box easily adapts to new demands. It can be fitted with an extraordinary filing cradle, be used as a gorgeous nightstand or alternatively as a side table wherever it is needed. Perfectly placed and stylish for any occasion. 

bordbar box

Maximum flexibility

When it comes to design products, added value and functionality are always an integral part. Carefully crafted, high-quality and extremely durable materials are used to create the subtle aesthetic of the bordbar _box. It offers countless applications and is an easily adaptable piece of furniture. Its timeless design makes it a lifelong companion that can be reinvented over and over again thanks to the large variety of accessories.

bordbar box

The double castors are sized perfectly to make the bordbar_box just as flexible as its big brother. 
And even though it is smaller, it has one huge advantage: its compactness. bordbar _box is extremely light yet very robust. It is perfect for any situation needing flexibility and optimal space usage. 

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