Airline Edition

bordbar Airline Edition aircraft trolleys

The Airline Edition aircraft trolleys from bordbar bring the history of aviation to life by celebrating the unique heritage of legendary airlines such as American Airlines, Pan Am, and Lufthansa. Since 2009, we have fostered close partnerships with leading airlines and created unique designs to bring the distinctive legacy of these airlines and the history of aviation into your home.



Since 2009, we have been collaborating with Germany's most renowned airline, creating distinctive designs featuring the Lufthansa crane. This iconic symbol, designed by graphic artist Otto Firle in 1918 for Deutsche Luft-Reederei, a predecessor of Lufthansa, was further developed by Otl Aicher in 1962. Aicher, one of the most influential German designers of the 20th century, refined the Lufthansa logo, which has been used in a slightly modified form to this day.

bordbar_rivet rocker Lufthansa classic

American Airlines


Few carriers blend American aviation history with continuous innovation quite like American Airlines. As a founding member of the oneworld alliance and the pioneer of frequent flyer programs and electronic booking systems, American Airlines embodies a rich legacy of aviation. This synergy makes American Airlines the perfect partner for our American Airlines bordbar series.

bordbar_rivet rocker American Airlines

Pan Am


Pan Am, once the most renowned airline in the world, was a pioneer that introduced jet aircraft as early as 1958, well ahead of its peers. In 1970, the unforgettable maiden voyage of a Boeing 747 in commercial service took off, as Pan Am flew from New York to London. bordbar pays tribute to this legendary pioneer of civil aviation with its own collection. Key design elements evoke the dawn of the Jet Set era and the glamorous times of civil aviation. Available in all rivet rocker editions.


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